Solutions for integrated applications from ZEALCON to you


We can help you maintain your competitive advantage by offering customized functionality unique to your business. With a combination of the products and services below, we can help you realize organizational goals, increase enterprise value, and energize your user base. Our consultants can help you create unique solutions for accommodating specific business needs, optimizing processes, increasing speed-to-market, improved quality, and reducing risk.

IT Training
  • SAP Internet Sales
  • SAP EP 7 Administration
  • SAP EP 7 Fundamentals
  • SAP EP Development
  • CRM (SAP, OpenBravo)
  • Security (SAP, OpenBravo)
  • BW (OpenBravo)
  • BASIS (SAP, OpenBravo)
  • Business Objects (SAP)
  • HCM (SAP, OpenBravo)
  • SCM (OpenBravo)
ERP Practice Areas
  • CRM (SAP, OpenBravo)
  • Security (SAP, OpenBravo)
  • BW (SAP, OpenBravo)
  • BASIS (SAP, OpenBravo)
  • Business Objects (SAP)
  • Enterprise Portal (SAP)
  • XI Objects (SAP)
  • HCM (SAP, OpenBravo)
  • SCM (SAP, OpenBravo)
  • FI (SAP, OpenBravo)
PCI Compliant Web Solutions

Zealcon consultants are well-informed with the latest PCI standards. We have developed custom PCI Solutions for clients such as VF services. Our consultants can also check the compliance of your IT infrastructure against specific standards and best practices that are applicable for the environment.

  • Intrexx
  • Portal Activity Monitor
  • Portal Custom Desktop Skins
  • Identity Management Solution
  • Portal Floating Desktops
  • Knowledge Management Skins
  • Portal Activity Based Timer
  • Cross Domain SSO widgets
  • Application Development and Integration
  • Business Process and Improvement
  • Governance and Change Control Guidance
  • Single Sign on Solutions
  • Staffing
  • Strategy and Architecture
  • Training
  • Customer Data Integration
  • PCI Compliance